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Supernaturals – Rags

From time to time I’ll be taking a break from Masters of the Universe and discussing other kid-oriented pop culture ephemera from the 80s and earlier. Now I’d like to talk about a toy brand that caught my attention briefly and intensely as a kid.

Supernaturals first appeared on toy shelves probably in 1987. If you look at carded examples you’ll see a date of 1986 listed, but it wasn’t unheard of for toys to come bearing a date stamp that was a year earlier than the actual release date (that was certainly true for Masters of the Universe figures).

When I was in third grade I remember seeing this commercial on television:

Supernaturals Youtube Commercial

Holograms! I begged my mom to get me one. She suggested I earn the money, which I had never had to do up until that point. I remember pushing our heavy old unpowered lawn mower around the yard in the hot sun for a couple of weekends in a row, cursing the hilliness of our yard.

Finally I had enough to buy only one of the cheapest of the Supernaturals – the smaller Ghostling figures. That was fine with me – the Ghostlings had a much larger hologram area. Of all of them, this guy looked the coolest:

Rags, a goofy Egyptian pharaoh who could transform into a mummy with a slight change in perspective. He also had a glow in the dark sword, which was icing on the cake. I knew nothing about these guys other than what I had seen in the commercial. In retrospect a full body hologram image under a seemingly half-body cloak (with two sets of arms!) is a bit weird. But undeniably genius.


Supernaturals on I-Mockery

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