The top 20 posts of 2017

The end of the year seems to be a traditional time for top 10 and top 25 lists. It seems like an American ritual to tabulate lists of the most popular things we did, said, ate or watched over the course of one trip around the sun.

I’ll post them in ascending order of popularity. Try, if you can, to imagine this list read by David Letterman:

#20: Jitsu – Evil master of martial arts (1984)

#19: Leech – Evil master of power suction (1985)

#18: Box Art From A-Z, Part Seven: 1988

#17: Sorceress – Heroic Guardian of Castle Grayskull (1987)

#16: Battle Armor Skeletor – Evil Lord of Destruction (1984)

#15: Battle Armor He-Man – Most powerful man in the universe (1984)

#14: Box Art From A-Z, Part Four: 1985

#13: Hordak – Ruthless Leader of the Evil Horde (1985)

#12: Buzz-Off – Heroic spy in the sky (1984)

#11: Webstor – Evil master of escape (1984)

#10: Box Art From A-Z, Part Five: 1986

#9: Scare Glow – Evil Ghost of Skeletor (1987)

#8: Prince Adam – Heroic “Secret Identity” of He-Man (1984)

#7: Snake Mountain – Evil stronghold of Skeletor (1984)

#6: Fisto – Heroic hand-to-hand fighter (1984)

#5: Box Art From A-Z, Part Three: 1984

#4: Lords of Power Collection – at the dawn of He-Man

#3: Box Art From A-Z, Part Two: 1983

#2: Box Art From A-Z, Part One: 1982

#1: Savage He-Man – Most mysterious man in the universe! (1983?)

This year I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to work a little with some people from the Netflix original series, The Toys That Made Us. Mostly that amounted to me providing them with some background information on the history of He-Man, as well as suggesting a number of people that they ought to seek out and interview. It’s a great show – check it out if you can!

Thanks everyone for reading and commenting. I appreciate all the kind support and encouragement from all the readers, and for all those who have contributed to my blog with information, images, and corrections. Here’s hoping for a great 2018. Good journey!