Golden Books

Golden Books (Resource Page)

I thought it might be useful to put up some resources that, back in what I might call the golden days of fandom, used to be readily available online. These were all once archived on I’m creating Imgur links for each book. This is a resource, not an article, so I won’t be providing any commentary here. Enjoy!

Update: I will be adding some She-Ra Golden books as well. Watch this space!

Golden Super Adventure Series

Caverns of Fear

The Thief of Castle Grayskull

The Sword of Skeletor

The Trap

Mask of Evil

Time Trouble

Secret of the Dragon’s Egg

The Rock Warriors

The Magic Mirrors

Meteor Monstors

A Hero In Need

Power From The Sky

The Sword of She-Ra

The Enchantment

Glimmer of Hope

The Crooked Crown

Golden Heroic Champions Series

Dangerous Games

Demons of the Deep

Maze of Doom

New Champions of Eternia

The Folly of Catra

The Silent Storm

The Trouble With Doubles

Too Long At The Fair

Hardcover Books

The Sunbird Legacy

I Have the Power

Skeletor’s Flower of Power

He-Man Smells Trouble

The River of Ruin

Teela’s Secret

The Horde

Everything But Happiness

She-Ra, The Princess of Power

The Queen of the Ball

The Spirit of She-Ra

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