US MOTU Magazine (Resource Page)

I thought it might be useful to put up some resources that, back in what I might call the golden days of fandom, used to be readily available online. These scans were all once archived on I’m creating Imgur links for each issue of the magazine (Imgur can have issues, but I haven’t found a better resource for this purpose, other than Flickr, and I’ve almost used up all my free hosting there). This is a resource, not an article, so I won’t be providing any commentary here. These are really just here for you to peruse, enjoy and download if you wish!


Winter 1985

Spring 1985

Summer 1985

Fall 1985


Winter 1986

Spring 1986

Summer 1986

Fall 1986


Winter 1987

Spring 1987

Summer 1987

Fall 1987


Winter 1988

Spring 1988

Summer 1988

Fall 1988

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