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Masters of the Universe toys were produced under license by various international toy manufacturers in the 1980s. One of those manufacturers was Top Toys, based out of Argentina.

In addition to manufacturing Masters of the Universe toys (including the famous “Kamo Khan”), Top Toys produced some high quality television commercials for the MOTU product line. Here are the five that have surfaced so far, which heavily feature He-Man, Mer-Man, Skeletor, Zoar, Battle Ram, Panthor, Man-E-Faces, Clawful, Spikor, Sy-Klone, Land Shark, Battle Bones, Snout Spout and others.

Special thanks to Andy W. for pointing out the “Top Toys He-Man Offer” video to me, and to “Anonymous” (in the comments below) for sharing the last two videos.

6 thoughts on “Top Toys Commercials

  1. At last this post is here! See it published was a huge joy and I thank you very much. It’s a pity that It’s so short, but don’t worry: I know someone who is writing an article about the Top Toys’ television commercials (inspired by the announcement of this post, in fact) and intend to share it with you when completed. Just be patient, because it is a slow man and does not write in English very well… But he promises to you!

    1. That’s wonderful! Personally I don’t know much about Top Toys or what other commercials they might have done, so I very much look forward to learning more! 🙂

      1. The “slow man” continues to work on his article and does not forget his promise, but it seems that he wants to get as deep into things as possible and does not rush. Apparently he will never finish it, but from time to time he gets some interesting achievements and recently discovered something he wants to convey to this review. I suspect he does because he feels a little guilty with you, but I do not think he ever admits it:

  2. The “slow man” is on fire! Now he found the fragment of another commercial of Top Toys; one that promoted the arrivals of Battle Armor He-Man, Battle Armor Skeletor and Hordak. But this material is not yet published on the internet like the previous one and he does not know how to include it in this comment, so he sent it to his friend Axel Giménez in the hope that a copy will end, somehow, in your hands. The “slow man” said that it may not be very neat to include the fragment in this review, but if that is your decision it would be good to place it right in the middle of the four already published, in the third place of the set. That would leave the five videos exactly aligned as they were coming to the television …

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