1986 Mattel Spain Catalog (MOTU Section)

Many thanks to Richard Sánchez Guirao and Fernando Seage Tomé from La Cueva del Terror and Mundo Masters Magazine for sharing this scan from the 1986 Mattel Spain catalog with the readers of Battle Ram: A He-Man Blog. As always, their partnership is greatly appreciated. Be sure to check out their excellent podcast, website and magazine at the links above!

MOTU products for overseas markets were often delayed from their initial US releases, which is why you see mainly 1984 and 1985 toys in this 1986 catalog.

5 thoughts on “1986 Mattel Spain Catalog (MOTU Section)

  1. It really took until 1986 to get product moving out there that we’d had since (I think) 1984?

    1. It really depended on the country. I think MOTU was introduced in Spain in 1984. In some others it started in 1983

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