Masters of the Universe Cross Sell Art: 1982

I thought it might be useful to put all the cross sell artwork together for easy reference. I’m busy working on some long-term projects at the moment, so my free time is at a premium. But, this is something I can put out that is relatively quick and painless.

Images come from Axel Giménez, Tokyonever, Jukka Issakainen,, and my own scans and pictures. I’ve got nice images for all of the 1982 cross sell art, but unfortunately the quality of what I have will vary for other pieces. I should note that as far as is known, all of the standard cross sell artwork that appears on MOTU packaging was illustrated by William George. Update: per Joshua Van Pelt apparently William George’s work can only be confirmed from 1985 onward.

Masters of the Universe Cross Sell Art:

5 thoughts on “Masters of the Universe Cross Sell Art: 1982

  1. This sold me on He-Man more than the cartoons ever did. This is forever my favorite painting style. I can remember these out on the pegs with those LJN D&D figures.

  2. This is very awesome stuff thanks for sharing I don’t see Wonderbread He-Man on here though.

    1. Thanks! There was never any cross sell artwork (or any artwork at all, or packaging aside from a plastic bag) produced for Wonder Bread He-Man, so far as we know.

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