Masters of the Universe Cross Sell Art: 1985

The artwork for this set comes from Axel Giménez, StarCrusader and my own photos and scans.

There are, unfortunately several subpar images in this set, including Roboto, Thunder Punch He-Man, Land Shark, and especially Night Stalker. If anyone out there has a Laser Bolt box, it should have Thunder Punch He-Man on the back. If you happen to have a scan or a high resolution picture of it in a nice natural lighting that you’d like to share, that would be appreciated.

The cross sell artwork for Land Shark appears on the back of the Jitsu/Night Stalker gift set. Land Shark cross sell art also appears on the back of the heroic warriors gift set (the one that included Buzz-Off, Moss Man and Mekaneck figures). If anyone happens to have nicer image of the cross sell art for Land Shark that they could share, I’d be really grateful.

Night Stalker is trickier. I have been unable to locate any cross sell art for Night Stalker, other than the red line art on the back of the Fright Zone box. If anyone knows of a full-color version that exists somewhere out there, I’d appreciate that information!

Update: somehow I overlooked Spydor. Spydor doesn’t seem to have had cross sell art per se, but the explanatory illustration on the back of his packaging is probably the closest analog, as far as I know. The same is true for toys like Battle Bones and Blasterhawk. Thanks to Matthew M. for letting me know!

Masters of the Universe Cross Sell Art:

8 thoughts on “Masters of the Universe Cross Sell Art: 1985

  1. Does this mean that there’s no evidence of any cross-sell art for Spydor?

      1. I think that’s the closest thing to cross sell art there is for Spydor. It functions similarly to the cross sell art for Battle Bones – it’s not “cross selling” anything, but rather showing the featurs. But, it looks a lot like cross sell art. I’ll include it

  2. You know, I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen the cross-sell art for Thunder Punch He-Man before! I really dig it. The armor design and chrome accents really pop rendered in that art style.

      1. Oh yeah, that’s right. I had forgotten about that. My one major gripe with that book was how much of the art they used was cropped. Hopefully we’ll get a book devoted solely to concept and cross sell art at some point! There’s easily enough of that material to support a similarly-sized volume.

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