Box Art From A-Z, Part Seven: 1988

One of the best things about getting new He-Man toys as a kid was the box art. The toys were of course amazing and fun, but personally I spent almost as much time staring at the boxes as playing with the toys. I remember being pretty heartbroken when my mother made me throw away my Castle Grayskull and Battle Ram boxes. She saw them as clutter, but for me they were almost stories in and of themselves. You could see whole adventures unfolding in a single painted scene.

Unfortunately, good photographs or scans of the original art are not available for every piece. If you happen to have a nicer images than I do (higher resolution, better composition, etc), please do feel free to share, and I’ll make an update! For pictures of the packaging itself, a neutral (white or black) background is preferred. High resolution scans of the artwork, where it appears without logos, would be ideal. Bottom line – if you have better images than I do, please share them!

One final note: I’m defining box art as the front-facing painted artwork that appeared on boxed Masters of the Universe toys. The illustrations on blister card packaging, then, are outside the scope of this series.

Part Seven: 1988

Name: Megator
Year: 1988
Artist: William George
Description: Megator wreaks havoc, smashing down castle walls as villagers flee in terror. He-Ro faces him boldly, magical staff at the ready. An archer woman, possibly tribal chieftess Sharella, runs toward Megator’s left flank.

Image source: MOTU Art Facebook page

Name: Tytus
Year: 1988
Artist: William George
Description: In a scene framed by medieval-looking castles, Tytus lifts King Hiss off the ground using his body snatcher weapon. He-Ro rushes into battle against Snake Face, Tung Lashor and Sssqueeze.

Image source: MOTU Artwork Facebook page

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8 thoughts on “Box Art From A-Z, Part Seven: 1988

    1. These were only released in Europe, although originally they were intended for broad release. By 1988 the line was dead in the US. Most American fans didn’t find out about Tytus and Megator until years later!

  1. Interesting that despite being part of ‘The Powers of Grayskull’ sub-line, the two giants never featured that information on the packs..
    it’s a shame they seamed to rush that sub-line into production with soo little of it released

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