Early MOTU Newspaper Ads (Part 2)

If you look through newspaper archives for Masters of the Universe advertising, you see a steady evolution of the size and sophistication of posted ads. In the first year of the line, most of the ads took up little space on the page and relied mainly on cross sell, license kit, and line art. Later ads would include more photos and take up much more space.

In Part 1, I posted every unique ad I could find from May (the earliest month for which I could find ads) until the end of September 1982. In Part 2 I am showing ads from October and part of November. The volume of ads picked up some steam the last two months of the year, so I will have to do this series in three parts, rather than two, as I had planned.

Citizen’s Voice, October 2, 1982:

The Charlotte Observer, October 3, 1982:

Fort Worth Star Telegram, October 10, 1982:

Public Opinion, October 14, 1982:

Chicago Tribune, Oct 15, 1982:

Lansing State Journal, October 17, 1982:

The Sacramento Bee, October 20, 1982:

The Daily Oklahoman, October 21, 1982:

Albuquerque Journal, October 24, 1982:

The Miami Herald, October 24, 1982:

The Times, October 24, 1982:

The Sheboygan Press, October 29, 1982:

Times Advocate, October 31, 1982:

El Paso Times, November 1, 1982:

The Morning Call, November 2, 1982:

Austin American Statesman, November 3, 1982:

The Ottawa Citizen. November 3, 1982:

Alabama Journal, November 4, 1982:

Daily News, November 4, 1982:

The Journal Herald, November 4, 1982:

The Montgomery Advertiser, November 5, 1982:

Fort Lauderdale News, November 7, 1982:

The Akron Beacon Journal, November 7, 1982:

The Miami Herald, November 7, 1982:

The Orlando Sentinel, November 7, 1982:

The Spokesman Review, November 8, 1982:

The Ottawa Citizen, November 9, 1982:

Iowa City Press Citizen, November 10, 1982:

The Morning Call, October 10, 1982:

Longview News Journal, November 11, 1982:

The Cincinnati Enquirer, November 13, 1982:

Abbeville Meridional, November 14, 1982:

St. Louis Post Dispatch, November 14, 1982:

Sunday News, November 14 1982:

The Marion Star, November 14, 1982:

Victoria Advocate, November 14, 1982:

One thought on “Early MOTU Newspaper Ads (Part 2)

  1. Love it! Amazing variation in the prices, there, with Castel Grayskull going for $21 – $30, pre-tax. I remember it was about $25 when I got it in late 1985, because it was the first time I consciously budgeted for something.

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