My Super7 MOTU Wish List, Part 2.5

Wouldn’t you know it, in my second and “final” Super7 Wish List, there was one more thing I neglected to mention. One of my biggest wants in fact. I’d really love to see 5.75″ scale figures based off the vintage cross sell art. I did cover a few of these, where they happened to coincide with early prototype designs. But there are a few more cross sell-based designs I’d like to see.

The 7″ Masters of the Universe Classics line drew heavily from this well, and it would be great to see the same thing in vintage-style figures, particularly for the following characters:







2 thoughts on “My Super7 MOTU Wish List, Part 2.5

  1. Super 7’s cost, especially shipping to the UK, has sadly priced me out of the market (in fact, as an initially “by every release to keep MOC” Matty collector, I was priced out of that for the same reason), but I would like to see Tri-Klop’s mini-comic appearance (with significantly different looking armor which we can only assume stemmed from an alternate look stage in his prototype) be released.

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