Three years of Battle Ram: A He-Man Blog

Image source: Andy Youssi

It’s been about three years now since I started Battle Ram – A He-Man Blog. It’s something that I had rattling around my brain for many months before it crystallized into a blog.

What I wanted to do from the outset was tell the story of each toy, from its early concepts to finished toy to its depictions in stories and artwork. Lots of very knowledgeable people have been writing and talking about He-Man for many years, but I didn’t see that complete story being told from any single source.

I’ve been lucky enough to be able to expand on some of this information in my interviews with Mark Taylor, Rebecca Taylor, Ted Mayer, Rudy Obrero, Martin Arriola and David Wolfram. I also contributed to the Netflix Toys That Made Us episode on Masters of the Universe, and my blog was referenced in How He-Man Mastered the Universe.

I’m currently contributing to a couple of other projects that I hope will see the light of day eventually. For that reason I’ve been posting a bit less frequently recently.

Here are a few statistics about the blog on its three-year anniversary:

  • Total views: 518,978
  • Total unique visitors: 133,254
  • Number of posts: 163
  • Total words: 163,043

As always, thanks for reading. I hope the blog continues to be of interest to people who remember this toyline with fondness.

12 thoughts on “Three years of Battle Ram: A He-Man Blog

  1. Your blog includes a wealth of information and I visit and revisit it with fondness. Looking forward to those projects you’re contributing to!

  2. Great stuff! During the last weeks, I spent countless hours reading your blog and remembering playing with He-Man and all the others in my childhood!

    Do you still accept donations to pay the hosting costs? I remember there was a donations page on the old blog on, but it seems to be gone now.

    1. Hi Christian, thanks for your kind comments. Thanks to some very generous readers and friends, I actually got more than enough to cover my costs for some time, so I’m no longer looking for donations. Thank you so much and glad you enjoy the blog!

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