My Super7 MOTU Wish List, Part 2

Two weeks ago I put out an article about what I’d like to see from Super7 after they release the vintage-style 5.75″ concept Eldor and He-Ro figures. I’m concluding today with part 2. This time I’ll be including a mix of unproduced concepts, minicomic inspired characters and variants, a proposal for re-releases of selected rare vintage figures, and a few other odds and ends.

Evil Robot

Evil Robot seems to be based on an existing Japanese toy design (like the Meteorbs, or for that matter, the Transformers), just repainted and modified for MOTU. This was supposed to come out in 1985, but it was never released. It’s covered with what appear to be Evil Horde symbols, but according to the text he’s aligned with Skeletor:

Just when you thought Skeletor and his henchmen couldn’t get anymore horrible, this evil robot stalks on the scene. Wielding his laser-burst gun, he acts as mecha-muscle to back up Skeletor on his wicked crusades! Crank his right arm – he shoots water from the gun in his left hand! His body holds enough water for extended attacks! Bendable legs for action poses! Watch out! The latest revolting recruit to the Evil Warriors is on the loose!

Fearless Photog

A character created by fan Nathan Bitner for a 1986 character creation contest.

Miscellaneous Concept Characters

The Horde Mummy figure (now called “Wrap Trap”) has already been produced for the 7″ Masters of the Universe Classics line, but any of these would make great, vintage-style 5.75″ figures too.

Image source: The Fwoosh
Image Source: Tomart’s Action Figure Digest, via Jukka Issakainen. Artwork by Ted Mayer.

This collection of unproduced “kit bash” characters showed up in some card art by Errol McCarthy. Many of these have already been produced for the 7″ Classics line, but would also work very well in their intended vintage 5.75″ configuration.

Image source:

Characters from vintage comics and books

There are so many beloved characters and variants from vintage comics and books, this could be its own line that stretches out for years. I’ll include some of my personal favorites here, but this is not meant to be exhaustive:

First appearance of He-Man

From He-Man and the Power Sword. Already produced in the 7″ Classics line as “Oo-Larr.”

Panther Men

From The Sunbird Legacy.

Masks of Power Demons

From Masks of Power.

Goat Man

From Secret of the Dragon’s Egg. Already produced in the 7″ Classics line.


Teela’s unicorn steed, appearing in multiple stories and coloring books.


Based on his appearance in The Clash of Arms.

Red Beast Man

From He-Man and the Power Sword. Already produced in the 7″ Classics line.

Shaggy Purple Monster

From He-Man and the Power Sword.

Mer-Man’s Minions

From The Key to Castle Grayskull.

Obelisk Demons

From The Obelisk.

Rare Vintage Figures

And finally, I think it would be a great idea to remake some rare figures that have already been released, but are anywhere from hard to nearly impossible to acquire on the secondary market due to price or rarity.

Laser Power He-Man

Laser Light Skeletor



Savage He-Man

Image source: Hake’s Americana



Scare Glow

King Randor

Clamp Champ

Snake Face

Unique Masters of the Universe Classics Characters

Finally, there were some unique characters created for the Masters of the Universe Classics line that I think would make great vintage-style figures:

Castle Grayskullman

Created by Daniel Benedict.


Created by The Four Horsemen.

4 thoughts on “My Super7 MOTU Wish List, Part 2

  1. I wish I had some of those. Even finding some of the less common ones from when I was a kid has proven difficult. I was fortunate enough to find a loose, complete, Rio Blast a few months ago for $20. But I’d love to get back Orko, Saurod, Clawful, Spikor, and Webstor for the wall.

  2. “I fight on the side of Good, I search and Destroy”… how is that any different from the side of Evil? oh well ^_^ with my views on companies like Super7.. i’m not gonna have too much to say on this matter.. ^_^

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